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Tumble Drumm - Operating Instructions « Back

1. Remove your Tumble Drumm™ from carton and remove all packing materials and paper work.

2. Before using the first time, wash drum in warm soapy water and rince to remove any oily residue present during the manufacturing process. Wear protective gloves to protect hands from sharp edges inside.

3. Rotate Drive Coupling until slot is vertical. Using Handles provided, lift Drum and insert Drive Shaft into Drive Coupling, making sure drive pin lines up with slot. Lower other end of Drum into 'U' shaped slot on Bearing Block on opposite end of Tub.

4. Place Tumble Drumm™ on a level surface and carefully pour about 2 to 3 gallons of water into Tub. Add water until level reaches the "Maximum Fill Line" in the Tub. Open Door on Drum and make sure water level is 1/8 inch to 1/4 inch high inside Drum. IMPORTANT: DO NOT POUR WATER OVER MOTOR DRIVE.

5. Open door and place 10 to 50 pan fish (8 to 10 inch length) into drum. When cleaning pan fish, don't mix species, especially Lake Perch, because they take more time to clean. Separate Lake Perch by size, as the larger fish will take longer to scale. Other pan fish, like Crappies, Blue Gills, Pumkinseed, etc. can be mixed together because they scale easire than perch.

6. Close the latch Door using Hasp Mechanism.

7. Make sure Switch is off. Plug cord into a standard 120 volt grounded outlet. NOTE: if outlet is not designed for 3-wire plug, use a suitable 3-wire to 2-wire adapter between plug and outlet. Be sure to connect metal tab of adapter to outlet to ensure a proper electrical ground.

8. Turn power Switch on and allow Tumble Drumm™ to run about 8-10 minutes.

9. Turn switch off and open Door to inspect fish. Most pan fish (except Perch) will scale sufficiently after 10 minutes. DO NOT REACH INSIDE DRUM WITH BARE HANDS. The inside of Drum contains sharp edges that can cause abrasions and cuts. Wear procective gloves to protect hands.

10. If fish need more scales removed, close and latch Door. Run unit a few minutes longer. Make sure fish are not being damaged by checking them every few minutes. Lake Perch, will require more time to remove all scales.

11. When fish are scaled, turn Switch off and unplug power cord from wall outlet.

12. Rotate Drum until Handles are on top. Remove Drum by lifting end opposite the Motor Drive and then slide Drive Shaft from Drive Coupling by lifting up and away from the Motor Drive.

13. Open door on Drum and empty scaled fish into suitable container.
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