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Tumble Drumm - Cleaning Instructions « Back

1. Make sure Switch is in OFF position and unplugged from outlet before cleaning.

2. With door closed and latched, rotate Drum until Hasp(latch) on Drum faces up.

3. Remove Drum from the Tub [Remove Drum by lifting end opposite the Motor Drive and then slide Drive Shaft from Drive Coupling by lifting up and away from the Motor Drive.]

4. Open door and rinse inside and outside of Drum with clean water. DO NOT REACH INSIDE THE DRUM WITH BARE HANDS. The inside of the Drum contains sharp edges that can cause abrasions and cuts.

5. Turn Tub on end WITH THE MOTOR DRIVE ON TOP. Rinse inside of the Tub with clear water until clean. Turn upside down to drain. IMPORTANT: DO NOT POUR WATER OVER MOTOR DRIVE OR ALLOW MOTOR DRIVE TO GET WET. If Motor Drive gets wet, allow unit to dry thoroughly before plugging into outlet again. Make sure Overflow Opening is clear of any debris.

6. Clean the outside of Motor Drive by wiping with a damp cloth.

7. When all parts have drained and dried, engage Drum into Drive Coupling. [Rotate Drive Coupling until slot is vertical. Using Handles provided, lift Drum and insert Drive Shaft into Drive Coupling, making sure drive pin lines up with slot. Lower other end of Drum into 'U' shaped slot on Bearing Block on opposite end of Tub.]
or simply place Drum in bottom of Tub for storage.

8. Store Tumble Drumm™ indoors in a dry place. Do not expose to rain.
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