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Step 1. Blend one seasoning and cure packet of Open Country® Jerky Spices with one pound of extra lean ground beef.

Step 2. To load the Jerky Gun with the jerky meat mixture, hold the silver tab down and pull the red knob all the way back.

Step 3. Unscrew the red ring from the end of the clear tube. Place the meat mixture into the tube. Insert the desired tip attachment into the red ring and screw the ring tightly back onto the tube.

Step 4. Push the red knob until it presses against the meat. Hold the jerky gun over the dehydrator tray and squeeze the silver trigger repeatedly to release the mixture onto the tray. Dry the jerky at the highest temperature (155-160 degrees F.) until the jerky is "leathery." It will take from 4 to 15 hours to dry.
Occasionally pat the jerky with a clean paper towel to remove surface oil.

Jerky Works Kit
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Jumbo Jerky Works Kit
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