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With Open Country's line of Vacuum Sealers, you can expect top of the line performance that removes air from the specially made vacuum bags.

Unlike ordinary storage methods that trap air in with your food, causing your food to lose nutrition and flavor.

They are perfect for protecting and sealing a variety of food items including cheese, vegetables, fish, game, or domestic meats.

You can also preserve personal possessions such as valuable documents and family photos.

2 Vacuum Sealer Rolls (11.0" x 19.70')

2 Vacuum Sealer Rolls (7.9" x 19.70')

50 Pre-Cut Gallon Sized Vacuum Sealer Bags (11.0" x 15.75")

50 Pre-Cut Quart Sized Vacuum Sealer Bags (8.6" x 11.8")

Vacuum Canisters for VS-02R Model (Set of 3)
Regular: $29.99
Sale: $24.99

Variety Pack of Vacuum Sealer Bags
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