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Stuff Sausage Casings and Tips « Back

Pork Butt is a good selection of meat for sausage making because of the ideal proportions of lean and fat.

After stuffing you can clean the Feed Screw by grinding a slice of bread.

Stuffing is made a lot easier if you consider it a two-person job. Prick the casing with a pin to allow the air to escape while stuffing.

Fresh sausage is readily perishable and has a short shelf life of 3-4 days at refrigerator temperature. Up to 4-6 months in freezer.

Average weight of fresh sausage (8 inch link) is 6 ounces.

1. Casings (natural or synthetic) are available in some grocery stores, most butcher shops, meat packing plants and butcher supply houses. Local butchers or giant supermarkets that make their own sausage are your best bets.

2. Meats must be coursely ground and seasoned before making sausage links.

3. Select Sausage Cone based on size of casing to be used.

4. Before stuffing, insert two fingers into one end of casing to open, hold under the faucet and let water run the entire length. This will wash away some of the packing salt. If you don't clean it well, your sausage will turn out saltier than when you tested the seasoning.

To Stuff Casings:

1. Gather all of casing over Sausage Cone, except the last 4 inches.

2. Place seasoned meat into Food Hopper and press Switch "ON" (I).

3. Use Pushrod to push seasoned meat into Grinder Head. As you push mix through Grinder, it will stuff your casing. NOTE: Stuff casing loosely, as some sausages will expand during cooking.

4. As casing begins to fill, tie-off the end with string.

5. Distribute meat through casing and twist into links as it fills to obtain the desired size and shape.

6. When finished or casing is full, press Switch "OFF" (O).

7. Unplug unit from electrical outlet to clean thoroughly by following Cleaning Instructions.

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