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How to Use and Care for your Roaster Oven before using for the first time

1. Unpack your Roaster Oven completely and REMOVE ALL PACKAGING MATERIAL AND INFORMATION LABELS. Place the Roaster Oven in a WELL VENTILATED AREA ON A HEAT RESISTANT SURFACE. Set the control dial to its minimum setting. Plug the cord into a 120 volt AC outlet. Return control to maximum setting (425ºF). Operate the Roaster Oven empty (without the Cookwell or Cover) for approximately 60 minutes, or until any odor or smoking disappear. Some smoke and odor are a normal part of “curing” the element and will not reoccur in cooking use. When curing is completed, turn the temperature control to its lowest setting, unplug the unit from the electrical outlet and allow to cool.

Wash the Cover, Cookwell and Rack in warm sudsy water, then rinse and dry. Refer to complete cleaning instructions in user manual.

NON-STICK COOKWELL: When ‘curing” your Roaster Oven with a non-stick Cookwell, we recommend that it be operated WITHOUT COVER AND COOKWELL. Do this in a covered outside area or other well-ventilated area. After curing and cleaning, and before cooking in your non-stick Cookwell for the first time, lightly coat the interior of the Cookwell with vegetable oil.
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