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"1a"Features and Operating Instructions
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  • Capacity: 150 lbs. / 68 kgs
  • Graduation: 0.1 lbs / 0.05 kgs
  • Clock display function
  • Lumnescent backlight display
  • Battery Savings automatic shut off (default 60 seconds).
  • Runs on one 9V battery (included).
Operating Instructions:
  1. Put the scale on a flat and stable surface, press the ON/OFF key to turn on the scale.
  2. Wait until the scale LCD displays "0.0" before placing any items on the scale.
  3. When the scale's LCD shows "0.0", place an item onto the scale close to the center of the platform. The LCD will show the weight of the item.
  4. To change the unit of measurement, press the MODE key. This function can be made while there is an item on the scale.
  5. If the scale does not display "0.0" with no items on the scale, press the TARE key to zero the scale.
  • The platform must be kept stable, it should NOT shake when it is weighing.
  • The weight of the item should not exceed the capacity of the scale (150 lbs.), otherwise it may damage the scale.
  • Items should be placed on the center of the scale when being weighed.
  • Do not store in wet areas or expose to moisture.
  • If "Err" appears on the display, then the item's weight has exceeded the maxium capacity of the scale. Please remove item and zero scale if necessary.
Clock Setting:

When in clock mode (not weighing any items) press the "SET" key once. The "Hour" will begin to flash, indicating it has entered the "Hour" set mode, press the "up arrow" key to set the hour. Press "SET" key to confirm. The "Minute" will begin to flash, indicating it has entered the "Minute" set mode. Press the "up arrow" key to set the minute. NOTE: Hold down the arrow key to rapidly increase the numbers. Press the"SET" key to exit the clock setting mode.

Tare Weighing:

The "Tare" key resets the display to zero when weight is on the scale, allowing you to subtract the weight of a container.
  1. Place the container you wish to use on the platform.
  2. When the readout is stable, press the "TARE" key once.
  3. The display will reset to zero allowing you to add items to the container and obtain the weight of the items, not the container.
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