Backpacker's Hobo Dinner - Camping

1 potato
1 burger crumbled, or use dehydrated meat,
1 carrot, vegetable protein or veggie patty
1/2 onion seasoning

At home: Chop vegetables and potato and store in bag or container.
If you're using meat or a veggie patty that's not dehydrated, freeze it and
make this meal your first night.

On the trail: Place vegetables and meat or TVP (textured vegetable
protein) in tin foil and season to taste. Add about a teaspoon of water and then
wrap tin foil around the food. Carefully place your dinner on hot campfire
coals and allow to cook for 20-30 minutes, rotating as needed. Unwrap; add any
condiments (ketchup, cheese, hot sauce)

Serves 1-2