Nutty Chicken Dog Treats - Pet Treat Maker

2 cups chicken, cooked, & diced or finely shredded
1 cup water
1 cup grated summer squash, fresh
1 cup rice flour
1/4 cup flaxseeds
1 tablespoon peanuts, unsalted
1 tablespoon walnuts

  • Put cooked chicken in a food processor or blender. Add water & puree
    until there are no more meat chunks. Pour into a bowl & set aside.

  • Rinse & dry blender

  • Put flaxseeds, peanuts & walnuts in blender & chop until the pieces
    are fine. (Not a powder but small pieces.)

  • Add nut mixture, squash, & rice flour to meat mixture & mix

  • Drop by treat-sized teaspoonful on dehydrator trays.

  • Nutty Chicken Dog Treats - Pet Treat Maker

  • Dehydrate in your Open Country® Dehydrator for
    approximately 5-7 hours or until outside is dry. The inside will be soft.

  • Treats can be stored in refrigerator for about 3 weeks in an airtight
    container. Excess can be frozen.
    Makes about 4 dozen treats depending on the size of the teaspoonful.

    Replaced chicken with cooked turkey
    Replaced squash with zucchini
    Replace rice flour with potato flour