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''Mary Bell's Just Jerky'' Cookbook
Item Number: 300-02300


Availability: Out of Stock

If you love jerky, this is the cookbook for you. Mary Bell's Just Jerky Cookbook features 139 pages of great jerky recipes. Just when you thought you knew it all, she comes up with a new idea! Hot or mild, fish or meat, vegetarian or wild game, this book covers it all, including complete meal ideas. Soft Cover. Perfect gift idea for the Jerky aficionado in your family!

Cooking Tips:

* Dehydrate fruits and vegetables ahead of time at home. For example, use your Open Country® dehydrator to dry tomato slices. Once dry, put them in blender to make tomato powder, at camp, put them in boiling water for a delicious treat.

* Bring energy boosting snacks such as trail mix, granola bars, dried fruit, beef jerky, fruit rolls, etc. for in between meals.

* On your last day of camp, use your leftover meats and vegetables to make omelets for breakfast. Then you don't have to take the leftovers home with you.


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